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Invented by a former rocket scientist, the CatGenie has been unlike any other cat box on the market since it was introduced in 2006 to overwhelming customer demand.
I would have been irritated but was too busy fretting about how to get him into the cat box and to the vet.
And the Black Cat Box contains assorted pops, six sugar sticks and a few chocolate foil-wrapped balls ($4.
Mrs McDonagh said: "He got straight in his cat box - he could tell it was his.
The company also markets the LitterMaid self-cleaning cat box.
In the cat box filler segment, for instance, the new "clumping" litters have displayed strong growth since their debut.
This year's Best In Show winners included: Ramp4Paws, a vehicle ramp for dogs, Genie Side Walls for the CatGenie Self-Flushing Self-Washing Cat Box, the Magic Globe Aquarium, the Feathered Fun Wall Mount Bird Activity Center by Super Pet, Cool Pet Thirst Quenchers for horses, Animal Planet Pet Care Library (25 books) by TFH Publications, Doggy Knits, sweater knit kits by TFH Publications Inc.
But Stephen Hornby, 24, managed to lure Fred into a cat box with ham.
One-year-old Enzo is actually a big baby who sleeps with Mr Jamison in his bed, has a cat box and enjoys eating on the kitchen counter.
Then, seven months later, Lewis's parents spotted a cat which looked like Guinness and managed to entice it into a cat box.
Whether your cat box is in a large or small space, our litter mat will have a big impact on the cleanicity of your home.
HE was found in a cat box dumped in undergrowth and now he needs a new home.