cash cow

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Cash cow

A company that pays out most of its earnings per share to stockholders as dividends. Or, a company or division of a company that generates a steady and significant amount of free cash flow.

Cash Cow

In growth share matrices, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that produce large profits with little need for cash injection because they have large market shares in slow-growing markets. A cash cow is not necessarily experiencing growth; if it is growing, it is almost always very slow. Corporations want to own cash cows, as they require little oversight compared to the profits they produce. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.

cash cow

A business or a segment of a business that produces significantly more cash than it consumes. As an example, a firm may sell a product that requires minimal advertising and promotional expenditures but continues to generate revenues year after year. Firms sometimes use cash cows to provide cash for financing other segments of their business.

cash cow

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com)-- Texas Cash Cow Investments, located in Frisco, Texas (just north of Dallas) was recently featured nationwide on the CNBC News Program, “Realty Check” with Diana Olick.
It's a lousy business unless, of course, you have a cash cow metalcasting business that is so lucrative you'll invest in a marginal business to protect it.
The first two instalments in the Twilight franchise have tipped box office takings over the billion-dollar mark and movie number three looks set to be another cash cow.
Those organizations interested in participating in SMITH'S Cash Cow Coupon Book program should call 1-800-776-7076, extension 6528 or 6516, or visit http://www.
Elected officials ignore cries for reform of unfair business taxes, workers' compensation and other anti-business legislation, knowing that the corporate cash cow is also a convenient ox to be gored - and milked.
Nor did it stop City Hall from using the revenues as their own cash cow.
But commissioners expressed their displeasure with the DWP acting as City Hall's cash cow.
We know the agency has the money, since it's regularly used as a cash cow by City Hall - and, allegedly, by high-powered public-relations firms - and now is reaping 11 percent more from its customers for water.
Despite retaining their role as cash cow for incumbent operators, fixed voice services are progressively being overtaken by mobile and data.
During their stint, the winning "Street Smarts" team used their natural know-how to turn their new product into a cash cow, avoiding a trip to the boardroom and a heated showdown with "The Donald.
Tax reform is necessary, however, "The energy industry provides a cash cow for governments at all levels," suggests Loomis and Karr.
Mobile operators will thus have increasing difficulty relying on SMS as a cash cow, while the 3G market matures.