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In order to enable the Company to achieve the Bulk Dematerialisation, the Cash Contract and New Cash Contract will need to be amended to permit dematerialisation ("Amended Cash Contract" and "Amended New Cash Contract") and provide for the consequences of the proposed listing.
Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares are currently required to be held only in certificated form in terms of the Cash and New Cash Contracts.
Commodities Online negotiates purchase contracts with commodities producers and corresponding sales contracts with commodities buyers, which together are known as "pre-sold" or "buy-sell" cash contracts.
The highway authority is expected to give away close to 6,000 km of roads through cash contracts.
As time passed, the percentage of product, especially tomatoes, procured through cash contracts increased.
He added, ``The cooling off period applies to most cash contracts over pounds 35 which have been entered into during an unsolicited visit by a trader.
Honor has been on a rapid rise in the fashion world, attracting huge cash contracts from the most exclusive design houses.
According to the study, these farmers/ranchers rate cash sale, forward cash contracts, and futures contracts as the top three marketing tools they use.
Cash Connect, acquired the ATM Vault Cash contracts for approximately 1,700 ATMs from CSSI.
Forward cash contracts have directly helped us remain viable in today's marketplace," said Tillamook County Creamery President and CEO Jim McMullen.
In contrast, revenue recognized in accordance with US GAAP represents cash contracts written net of estimated customer returns plus actual cash collections on financed contracts.