cash account

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Cash account

A brokerage account that settles transactions on a cash-rather than credit-basis.

Special Cash Account

A brokerage account in which the customer must pay the full amount for securities purchased by an agreed upon date, often within two days of the purchase. Customers are not allowed to borrow in order to pay off the account. Special cash accounts in the United States are governed by Regulation T and are the most basic kind of investment account. Examples of special cash accounts include Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and trusts for minor children.

cash account

A brokerage account requiring that cash payments on purchases and deliveries on sales be made promptly. (Settlement is officially five business days after the transaction date.) The cash account is the most popular type of brokerage account even though it does not permit investor borrowing (that is, buying on margin). Also called special cash account. Compare margin account.

cash account


cash book

a LEDGER account which records all of a company's cash incomings and outgoings. See ACCOUNTING.
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Mr Walker said the reason the amount taken from the petty cash account increased was because employees preferred to have expenses paid in cash and tax free.
The CAP Money system advises to put the correct amounts of money in your regular payments account and your cash account, and then simply transfer the rest into your savings account.
It is claimed Wootton-Thomas, who was put in charge of managing the petty cash account used for staff expenses, wrote out 75 cheques, each for PS500, and kept the money herself or siphoned it into her elderly mother's bank account.
In total, 76 cheques were written out from the petty cash account - all but one, "countersigned" by another employee who was on long-term sick leave for some of the period, it was alleged.
She forged the required second signature then faked an inflated balance sheet to cover her tracks when the petty cash account went into the red.
The country's biggest savings bank and mortgage lender was responding to criticism of a pilot scheme aimed at encouraging those with basic Card Cash accounts to use cash machines, the telephone and the internet for transactions.
But for this first year alone the limit is pounds 7,000, of which pounds 3,000 can go into a cash account.
The court had previously heard how the petty cash account was used for staff expenses like car parking, and would only need topping up by between PS100 and PS125 each month.
CPAs with unaudited clients can provide additional services by suggesting a periodic examination of the cash account only.
In total, 76 cheques were written from the petty cash account - all but one "counter-signed" by another employee who was actually on longterm sick leave for part of the period, it was alleged.