carrying value

Carrying value

Net Book Value

In accounting, an asset's original price minus depreciation and amortization. For example, if a company bought piece of technological equipment for $100,000 with an absolute physical life of ten years and a patent lasting 20 years, one would account the net book value as the original price and subtract $10,000 per year (for depreciation due to reduced physical life) and $5,000 per year (for amortization).

In accounting a company, the net book value is the value of the company's assets minus the value of its liabilities and intangible assets. Put another way, the book value is the shareholders' equity, or how much the company would be worth if it paid of all of its debts and liquidated immediately. It is also known as the written-down value.

carrying value

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The auction included the sale of 18 real estate parcels from the company's Other Real Estate (ORE) portfolio with a carrying value of USD1,768,112 for a net loss of USD857,815.
06p The fair value of debt is not materially different from the carrying value.
In its announcement of 7 June 2013, Newcrest indicated that, based on its estimate of carrying values and the Company s internal indicative valuations, an impairment of the carrying value of assets in the range of A$5 to A$6 billion was likely in the 2013 financial year statutory accounts.
This incorporates an annual review of the carrying value of its assets in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS").
142 requires companies to test intangible assets, including goodwill, for impairment at least annually by comparing their carrying value to their fair value.
the carrying value of the NRE's "investment property" is hot greater than 50 percent of the carrying value of all its properties at the end of the year (the "50-percent investment property test"); or
7% of the difference between the LIFO carrying value and the non-LIFO carrying value of the taxpayer's inventory (the LIFO reserve) on the last day of the taxpayer's last tax year ended before Oct.
It said it was reviewing the carrying value of patents and said it might write down an account receivable carried to reflect what the company is owed by a former officer who, the company says, embezzled funds.
To determine if an impairment loss exists, the estimated total future cash flows (undiscounted and without interest charges) related to the asset grouping are compared to the carrying value of the assets.
7 million to the carrying value of its investment in the joint venture based upon the estimated net proceeds at that time from the sale of the underlying real estate owned.
Mercator" or the "Company") announces that, in connection with the Company's impairment assessment as required under International Financial Reporting Standards and primarily due to the decline in molybdenum prices since the June 2011 acquisition of the El Creston project ("Project"), the Company expects to reduce the carrying value of the Project as part of its fourth quarter and year-end 2012 financial results.
This has resulted in a reduction of the carrying value of Vodafone's indirect interest in the Verizon Wireless licences under US GAAP of 6.