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carport (or car porch)

An open-air roofed structure used to house vehicles at a residence. Contrast with a garage, which must be completely enclosed.

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He added that it appeared the RV that burned in the carport fire contained some personal contents, but that it was not immediately known if anyone had been living in the vehicle.
The floating carport consists of a platform that a car rolls onto in the parking area.
In response to all these complaints and problems in ordering carports online and offline, MetalCarportsGuide.
From an environmental standpoint solar carports also help with heat islanding.
According to Eldor project manager Keith Feldmann, "The Suffolk County solar carports include our rigging into place: 22, 500-kw inverters, 22 medium-voltage step-up transformers, and seven medium-voltage switchgear lineups.
The carport solar system we installed at the Wyndham in New Jersey will help offset the hotel's energy bills by 67 percent.
The double carport between two semi-detached bungalows on The Willows, in Marton, was brought down by the accumulation of snow on its roof.
Construction of the solar carport is scheduled to be completed by September 2010.
An open-panel carport design, as opposed to a solid ceiling structure, is a smart solution, since it prevents debris such as bird nests and snow from accumulating on the carport--which would require regular maintenance.
The 20 kW carport system-co-designed by SMA and installed by Roseville Solar Electric-allows installers to further learn about the role of SMA's inverters and monitoring systems.
The sun is baking down and the children need some shade to take the heat off them as they play outside - so now is the time you need a carport.
Security is also an added bonus of having a carport, as once under cover your car will be less likely to be vandalised or stolen.