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carport (or car porch)

An open-air roofed structure used to house vehicles at a residence. Contrast with a garage, which must be completely enclosed.

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But councilors said they couldn't grant the residents' requests that carports identified and confirmed to violate city regulations be left alone, or that complaints of code violations be made only against an immediate neighbor.
The website also has information about best practices in choosing metal carports, as well as reminders on how to order effectively.
Construction of the solar carport is scheduled to be completed by September 2010.
An open-panel carport design, as opposed to a solid ceiling structure, is a smart solution, since it prevents debris such as bird nests and snow from accumulating on the carport--which would require regular maintenance.
The new carport system benefits both SMA and its installers," said Jurgen Krehnke, president and general manager of SMA America.
THE following planning applications have been received by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council: Mr P Davies, replace garage/carport with a detached double garage and store with room above at Oakfield, Windmill Lane, Dorridge; Michelle Jones, demolition of garage and construction of two-storey side extension to create new garage and dining room with two bedrooms above at 39 Dengate Drive, Balsall Common; Mr P Malkin, retrospective planning for a double carport and timber fencing to boundary at 12 Wardour Drive, Chelmsley Wood; Mr D Berry, first floor side extension to form two bedrooms at 4 Wentworth Rd, Solihull.
Two officers from the Foothill Division - Peter Doomanis, 40, and Wilcur Godoy, 30 - arrived and found Hutchings in the carport behind the apartment holding a reproduction of a blue-steel revolver.
The sun is baking down and the children need some shade to take the heat off them as they play outside - so now is the time you need a carport.
Security is also an added bonus of having a carport, as once under cover your car will be less likely to be vandalised or stolen.
Introduced last month, the Carport is the newest addition to the collection.
On a quiet street in the north Kyoto neighbourhood of Shimogamo is an enigmatic spectacle--a white concrete box, lofted above a carport and broken only by a ribbon of windows and a single porthole to one side.
Constructing such a carport can be a suitable DIY project.