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Cash Value Added

The cash flow a company is able to generate relative to the cash flow it must generate to remain in business. The CVA is calculated by taking a company's operating cash flow and subtracting its operating cash flow demand. A high CVA is considered desirable; a CVA under 1 indicates the company cannot meet its cash flow needs. See also: Economic value added.
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Among senior citizens, record shows that 60 percent succumb to cardiovascular accidents (heart failure, cerebrovascular accidents, ruptured aneurysms).
Surgeons should be vigilant for cardiovascular accidents like transient ischemic attack following vascular surgery in these patients.
Moreover, the decreased estrogen levels play a key role in inhibiting the growth of breast tumors.[sup][4] However, the Breast International Group 1-98 study shows that AIs therapy can also be accompanied by adverse events, such as thromboembolic events, cardiac events, and cerebrovascular accidentsaccounting for nearly 1%.[sup][1] At present, whether AIs treatment can increase risk of cerebrovascular or cardiovascular accidents in patients with breast cancer is not clear in the literature.

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