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Cardholders will use either a static or dynamic password to verify their identity whenever they shop online.
After applying for the card for the first time, cardholders will receive bonus miles as a welcome gift.
By enrolling their Balance Financial account in direct deposit, cardholders can have their payroll, tax refund or government benefit checks deposited to their Balance Financial account.
In addition, cardholders can also earn miles which can be redeemed to purchase Oman Air tickets.
OIB makes every effort to provide convenience coupled with unmatched value additions to its cardholders, thus making the OIB credit card the best in the market.
The rule prohibits issuers from charging cardholders with multiple penalties on a single late payment or other violation.
If a cardholder informs the card-issuer of the loss or theft of a card before it is used illegally by a third party, then the issuer has responsibility for covering the full amount put on the card without the cardholder's consent, unless it can prove in court that the cardholder has been negligent.
In May of 2003, I requested a review by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence to determine if the public availability of the organizational names and telephone numbers of all Departmental cardholders could pose a security risk to classified operations.
The service offers a password-protected system that guarantees cardholder identity when shopping on the Internet and is estimated to reduce the number of disputed online transactions by up to 80%.
Visa says the program gives issuers "a strong point of differentiation for their portfolio by providing a cardholder service that offers real, tangible value." Additionally, it's easy to manage since cardholder enrollment is automatic whenever they use an eligible Visa card to make a qualifying purchase.
The top local dividend earner shops at the Porthmadog store and collects pounds 155 while a cardholder in Pwllheli receives pounds 132.
A new e-commerce management tool from national electronic payment processor Paymentech promises to ease concerns of online retailers who are concerned about storing cardholder data.