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Certificates for Amortizing Revolving Debts

Pass-through securities backed by the receivables on credit cards. That is, they are debt securities in which the holders are entitled to the principal and interest on the credit card payments underlying them. CARDs are structured in a similar way to mortgage-backed securities.


References in classic literature ?
repeated Dolokhov, and as if about to tell a good story he put down the cards, leaned back in his chair, and began deliberately with a smile:
said Dolokhov, and he took up the cards with a smile.
I know that I speak, for the last time, to one who cheats at cards," replied the fellow.
If I am mistaken," said the accuser, "I shall gladly apologize; but before I do so first let monsieur le count explain the extra cards which I saw him drop into his side pocket.
MacDonald counted his cards carefully, to make doubles sure it was not a foul hand, wrote a sum on a paper slip, and slid it into the pot, with the simple utterance:-
He likewise examined his draw and counted his five cards.
The old man replied by shaking the little purse in his eager hand, and then throwing it down upon the table, and gathering up the cards as a miser would clutch at gold.
The means of happiness are on the cards and the dice.
Colonel Wugsby kissed her eldest daughter most affectionately, and frowning in a warning manner upon the other, sorted her cards.
She flung her cards on the table, and sprang to her feet.
He took up his cards one by one, and as he snatched up the last he groaned.
Trent dealt them out, looked at his own hand, and, keeping a pair of queens, took three more cards.