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1. A unit investment trust in which the underlying asset is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That is, diamonds are shares in a closed-end index fund tracking the DJIA. It is traded on the American Stock Exchange. It operates much like an exchange-traded fund, but, like all unit investment trusts, it has an expiration date, while ETFs do not. Its ticker symbol is DIA.

2. A valuable commodity consisting of very hard gem stones used in jewelry and tools. Diamonds may be traded on any of a number of exchanges. See also: Blood diamonds.


Registered name for interest in a trust that holds all 30 stocks included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Ownership of a Diamond allows an investor to track the DJIA with a single investment. Diamonds are traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol DIA.
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Tim Mitchell notched his 100th win for Richard Barber (180th in all) when One Of The Natives overcame Carbonado in the first maiden, but, in the earlier services race, the Barber-trained Desert Waltz could not catch Copper Coil (Dominic Alers-Hankey).
Neste caso, os adsorventes carbonados estao entre as melhores opcoes, principalmente pelas suas propriedades hidrofobicas, baixo custo, disponibilidade e alta area superficial especifica (LILLO-RODENAS et al.
Imperfections in carbonados manifest themselves as missing carbon atoms or entire missing layers in a crystal structure.