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1. A way of measuring the mass of a gem. One karat is 200 milligrams.

2. A way of measuring the purity of gold or platinum. One karat is 1/24 purity; that is, 24 karat gold is pure gold.

In both cases, karat can also be spelled carat.


A measure of the purity of gold. Pure gold is indicated by the label 24 karat. See also fineness.
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The company also has its own workshop where these exclusively priced diamonds can be handmade into stunning rings, earrings or pendants set in platinum or 18 carat gold.
The next prompt displays sliding scales for carat, cut, color, clarity, and price so that the consumer can further narrow the search parameters.
Throughout his career, Sankar has developed exciting, highly-integrated and effective programs that consistently represent the best of innovation in emerging media," said Susan Taylor, Managing Director, West Coast at Carat.
9 million worth of the diamonds totaling to 736,700 carats at an average price of US$101 a carat in May this year, quantity and value have grown by 2.
Through insightful targeting of our consumers, Carat will help us maximize our media investment and increase efficiencies.
In 2000, Sarah grew Carat Interactive (now Carat Fusion), the U.
Competent eligible Princes should call The Pink Emerald Company today (1 800 833-GEMS) for a private consultation regarding "The 169 Carat Pink Passion" because Cupid's arrival is only a month away and your Princess is counting on your exquisite taste and unparalleled stellar performance, as usual.
Since January 2012, we have now sold a total of 87,011 carats from Kao mine production in eight tenders, generating $24.
375 billion at an average price of US$125 per carat and that in 2013 production will increase to 11.
com) - today announced that Carat Fusion, a digital marketing agency, will be using Click Forensics 4.
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- adidas Group (FWB:ADS) announced today that it has selected Carat as its media partner, to handle the planning and buying of media for both the adidas and Reebok brands worldwide.