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carport (or car porch)

An open-air roofed structure used to house vehicles at a residence. Contrast with a garage, which must be completely enclosed.

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The court heard that in May, HPS Maintenance and Restoration Ltd was requested by Mr Khan's insurance company to remove the car port following subsidence at his home.
The case was heard by a judge who defined the boundary between the houses and ruled any concrete base or car port that goes over the boundary must be removed.
Why, one wonders, did the honey house in North Carolina come so high in the hierarchy: it is not much more than a clever wall under a car port Was it given an award to try to appease the Americans, or at least your American juror?
A gated drive leads to an ample parking and turning area and there is a double garage, car port and log store.
A bitter four-year dispute over a car port is raging on a peaceful suburban street in Middlesbrough.
You come in to the car port at the top of the slope and go down a staircase that leads to the main (living room) floor.
3 Birmingham Road, Stoneleigh: detached garage and car port and widening of existing access (listed building consent also needed).
She is at her wits' end after they threatened a neighbour who offered her the use of a car port to protect her vehicle.
The owner's house was designed by the architect in 1990, and a structure was required that could act as car port and be a place in which sought-after sourwood honey from neighbouring hives can be processed and stored.
Widow Margaret Blowers has spent a hefty pounds 1,000 trying to shift her neighbour's unsightly car port from her doorstep.
As well as opening up the house and constructing a new bedroom and entrance, the practice was asked to replace an adjacent garage with a guest pavilion/gymnasium and to rebuild the car port at the entrance.
There is also a garage and large double-width driveway with parking for several cars and an additional car port.