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In case an individual opt for car loan, he or she would have to make a 20% down-payment and will get a loan for only 80% of the car's value.
In a subsequent press release, he says the Central Bank of Liberia, has in place a car loan scheme/policy, which began in 2013, for its senior staff to buy their own cars with repayment over a maximum five-year period.
The Sh20 million allocation for car loans and mortgages is only enough for one member of staff,' he said.
The gang fraudulently acquired 16 vehicles worth more than BD400,000 by posing as professionals to get car loans in 2013 and 2014.
In order to obtain these loans, the same paperwork must be submitted and the same terms as for the car loans apply.
We found that flex commissions resulted in consumers paying very high interest rates on their car loans.
That in turn requires some shopping to find out just how good a car loan you can get.
In the USA, where cars and car loans are bigger, the New York Federal Reserve bank warned arrears in the sub-prime car-loan sector were a "significant concern".
The car loan facilities bring in a lot of value to make it easier for customers to own their dream cars and I urge them to make the most of this opportunity and enjoy the exclusive benefits we offer," noted Muhannad.
Comparing car sales across counties as the financial crisis unfolded, they found that car sales fell more sharply in counties where nonbank car loans were more prevalent.
There is a complementary discount voucher worth QR1,500 from Zeibart along with a chance to win the car loan back up to QR100,000.
The dunia Green Car Loan will offer customers who drive an eco-friendly or fuel-efficient car in the UAE a lower interest rate which not only provides a financial incentive for customers to purchase an electric or fuel efficient car but also helps drive down the region's increasing emissions.