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This answer was only obliquely present in her work; but then, in her time, there was a generally under-developed understanding of the functioning of credit in a capitalist economy.
But if market economy requires, as mentioned above, the involvement of the state in economy, then we could ask the following question: are ethical issues or nonethical behaviours derived from the substance of the capitalist economy, from the nature of the market economy, or are they generated by the weak government, by incompetence or by the interference of some political actors interested only in satisfying personal interests, without taking into account any moral obligation?
Data in the third section of this article substantiates the relatively small number categorized as the rich with their extremely high wealth holdings today in the advanced capitalist economy.
Kaplan, who represents the realist school of foreign policy at work, describes the regime as a "low calorie version of authoritarianism with a capitalist economy and little governing ideology" -- plus "old fashioned nationalism.
The Chinese state has constructed over the last 20 years a pretence of a capitalist economy.
deals a serious blow to those who hope that the present economic crisis will give way to a healed capitalist economy.
take subsidies out, it's a capitalist economy," he said.
In other words, this vast area that is rich in energy sources and has a huge population must be integrated into the capitalist economy, and the societies and political regimes must be reformed according to the necessities of the capitalist economy.
The impact of a capitalist economy has not been borne well by Mother Nature.
BARCLAYS and HSBC are simply capitalist institutions operating in a global capitalist economy.
After the collapse of the closed socialist economy, the capitalist economy is also on the verge of collapse,' Ahmadinejad said.
The low prices that caused the rate of an oil barrel to go below $80 were the outcome of expectations for a decrease in demand over oil due to the financial crunch that, if continued, could hurl the United States and the capitalist economy to recession," Majed al-Souri told Aswat al-Iraq.