capital shares

Capital shares

One of two types of shares in a dual-purpose investment company, which entitle the holder to the appreciation or depreciation in the value of a portfolio, as well as the gains from trading in the portfolio. Antithesis of income shares.
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Capital Share

In a dual purpose fund, a share that is entitled to appreciation on the firm's investments. Dual purpose funds issue two types of shares: capital shares and income shares, which are entitled to the firm's ordinary income. A dual purpose fund has the advantage of allowing shareholders to choose which shares in which to invest (according to their investment goals) without the difficulty of changing investment vehicles.
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capital shares

One of two types of stock issued by a dual purpose fund in which the owner is entitled to all of the capital value but none of the current income of the fund. Capital shares appeal primarily to aggressive investors seeking capital growth. Compare income shares.
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owns 80 million Class A Limited Voting Shares ('Brookfield Shares') of Brookfield which generate cash flow through dividend payments that fund quarterly fixed cumulative preferential dividends for the holders of the Company's preferred shares, and provide the holders of the Company's capital shares the opportunity to participate in any capital appreciation of Brookfield Shares.
The company is currently engaged in the process of acquisition of American Life Insurance Company for the acquisition of ownership interest of 40,986,690 ordinary shares representing approximately 81.97% of the total issued, subscribed and paid up capital shares of the company.
Morgan Stanley analyst Michael Cyprys said he would expect Victory Capital shares to be softer following a topline miss that drove its earnings to fall short of expectations, but he thinks the double digit share price decline in early trading seemed "extreme" and appeared overdone.
The repurchased shares account for around 0.0053% of the total subscribed capital shares. The value of the transaction stood at about $0.26 (AED 0.949) per share.
On Deck Capital shares are trading lower after the company reported worse-than-expected Q2 EPS results and narrowed its 2019 sales guidance.
Neo London Capital shares started trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in February 2017.
Shuaa Capital shares jumped to its maximum daily limit of 15 per cent to be at Dh0.72.
(NYSE: ALG) has closed the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding capital shares of equipment manufacturer Dutch Power Company B.V., the group said.
The free incentive shares are ordinary shares that have equal rights with capital shares. This distribution will not add to or change the share capital of the company as the distribution was allocated from QP's shareholding in MPHC, which has decreased as a result by 8.7% from 74.2% to 65.5%.
The free incentive shares are ordinary shares that have equal rights with capital shares. They will be allotted from QP's share, and will not entail any change in the company's capital structure.
Trading on Sarwa Capital shares on EGX started Monday, October 15, after offering around 295.2 million of its shares on EGX, representing 47.2 percent of the company's capital, at a price of LE 7.36 per share, reaching a total value of LE 2.2 billion.