capital shares

Capital shares

One of two types of shares in a dual-purpose investment company, which entitle the holder to the appreciation or depreciation in the value of a portfolio, as well as the gains from trading in the portfolio. Antithesis of income shares.

Capital Share

In a dual purpose fund, a share that is entitled to appreciation on the firm's investments. Dual purpose funds issue two types of shares: capital shares and income shares, which are entitled to the firm's ordinary income. A dual purpose fund has the advantage of allowing shareholders to choose which shares in which to invest (according to their investment goals) without the difficulty of changing investment vehicles.

capital shares

One of two types of stock issued by a dual purpose fund in which the owner is entitled to all of the capital value but none of the current income of the fund. Capital shares appeal primarily to aggressive investors seeking capital growth. Compare income shares.
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The dividends on both the Class C Preferred Shares and Class B Capital Shares, will be payable on December 15, 2015, to holders of record on November 30, 2015.
Through a City Index CFD trading account, you can take a position on Knight Capital shares, irrespective of whether the price is rising or falling, by going long or short, respectively.
949 New AGIT Ordinary Shares under the Scheme in respect of each such Income Share held and an AGCIT Capital Shareholder who elects for the Rollover Option in respect of any Capital Shares would receive approximately 5.
Central member capital shares and a $5 million OTTI CEO Thomas Bonds said he may have to record next month after CACU's third-quarter investment review is complete.
The Cabinet of Ministers designates a public institution to be the holder of state capital shares.
We also expect an improvement of liquidity and trading volumes of SHUAA Capital shares on the Dubai Financial Market as a result of the de-listing.
value attributable to the Capital shares at the start and end of each period is
one Sanwa Capital share will be exchanged for one UFJ Capital share, with 10 Central Capital shares swapping for one UFJ Capital share and 20 Toyo Trust Capital shares for one Sanwa Capital share, UFJ said.
Holders of the capital shares will get no dividends, but will be entitled to the capital gain from the entire portfolio when the trust is wound up after ten years - calculated after the income shareholders have received their original investment back in full.
The investigation focuses on whether the AP Capital Board of Directors breached their fiduciary duties to AP Capital stockholders by failing to adequately shop the Company before entering into this transaction and whether Doctors Company is underpaying for AP Capital shares, thus unlawfully harming AP Capital stockholders.
In addition, a quarterly dividend on its Class B Capital Shares was declared on USD0.
elections for cash were made, or deemed to have been made, in respect of 14,577,757 Income Shares and 5,341,145 Capital Shares; and * elections for new ordinary shares in Aberforth Geared Income Trust plc were made, or deemed to have been made in respect of 9,922,243 Income Shares and 5,158,855 Capital Shares.