capital markets

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Capital Market

Any market in which securities are traded. Capital markets include the stock and bond markets. Companies and governments use capital markets to raise funds for their operations; for example, a company may issue an IPO while a government may issue a bond in order to conduct new or expand ongoing activities. Investors purchase securities in the capital markets in order to extract a return and earn profit on the securities. Capital markets include primary markets, such as IPOs that are placed with investors through underwriters, and secondary markets, in which all subsequent trading takes place. Government agencies in different countries regulate local capital markets, though some, especially exchanges, play some role in regulating themselves.

Capital markets.

Capital markets are the physical and electronic markets where equity and debt securities, commodities, and other investments are sold to investors.

When you place an order through a brokerage firm, trade online, or use a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP), you're participating in a capital market.

Corporations use capital markets to raise money through public offerings of stocks and bonds or private placements of securities to institutional investors, such as mutual fund companies.

capital markets

The markets in which equity is raised and long-term loans (over one year) are originated and traded.These include the stock market,the bond market,and the primary market. The primary market is any market in which the original issuer receives money, such as an investment house that purchases all securities for an original issue and then resells them on the stock market. Short-term debt instruments, for one year or less, are sold in the money markets, not the capital markets.

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The International Capital Group will comprise a team of three of the firm's most senior professionals: Noble Carpenter, a senior leader in the Americas Capital Markets Group; Guy Hollis, Country Head of China since May 2002; and Robert Orr, currently European CEO.
To find out whether the opening of capital markets has been responsible for economic shocks in certain countries, you have to define what you mean by 'liberalization,'" says Henry, associate professor of economics and associate director of the Center for Global Business and the Economy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Lowery was previously an executive vice president and head of the firm's Capital Markets Group, which provides clients with comprehensive strategic advice and execution to meet their real estate capital needs.
The long-awaited conversion of the largest life mutuals will further accelerate change, causing insurers in all industry sectors to feel the effects of greater influence from capital markets.
Fuji Capital Markets Corporation, a global derivatives firm, will use the new system for derivatives simulation related to its trading operation, according to James Kennedy, Fuji Capital Markets Corporation's managing director.
Compliance and trading professionals at KeyBanc Capital Markets will use BRASS EnGard to help provide enhanced compliance reporting and surveillance capabilities.
The creation of CBRE Capital Markets formalizes this unification and streamlines our global capital markets offering.
For insurers, transferring catastrophe risk to the estimated $30 trillion-plus global capital markets could solve capacity and credit-risk concerns, as well as ultimately reduce the overall costs of reinsurance.
First Union is expanding its private placement capabilities as part of a strategic focus on customer-oriented capital markets products and services.
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In a strategic move to enhance its global capital markets service platform and to strengthen its growing capital markets presence in North America, Jones Lang LaSalle announced that it has formed a U.
Powered by Portrait Foundation, ICE provides a unique solution to problems which have plagued Capital Markets and Treasury organisations for decades - the loss of millions of dollars in revenue each year due to deficient technology and manual revenue recovery processes, and the inability to minimise liabilities caused by internal errors within the organisation.

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