capital improvement

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capital improvement

See capital expenditure.

Capital Improvement

An improvement made to extend the useful life of a property or add to its value. Major repairs such as the replacement of a roof are capital improvements. The costs of capital improvements to business property must be capitalized and may be depreciated.
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Approved in May, the nine-member committee will combine the roles of a capital improvement committee and a capital budget planning committee.
In short, working capital improvement programs also improve customer service.
that were part of a "general plan" but did not effect a capital improvement to the hotel structure itself did not cause recharacterization.
They made capital improvements of 45,647 pounds to the house, and, in July 1990, they sold it for 453,374 pounds--net of selling expenses--and retired the mortgage.
There is a distinction in the tax code between deductible repair expenses and capital improvements.
The capital improvement program includes a dramatic new entryway and two-story lobby, an entirely new roof, HVAC systems, upgraded window systems, tenant lobbies and common areas, as well as extensive site work and landscaping.
By October 2006, Advance Realty Group will begin site work and interior construction, as part of its $15 million capital improvement program underway for the facility.

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