capital goods

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Capital goods

Goods used by firms to produce other goods, e.g., office buildings, machinery, equipment.

Capital Goods

Goods that are used to create other goods that can be sold to customers. Examples include fixed assets like factories and current assets like raw material to make a product. Capital goods are an important concept in Marxist economics where it refers to any means of production. See also: Consumer Goods.

capital goods

the long-lasting durable goods, such as machine tools and furnaces, that are used as FACTOR INPUTS in the production of other products, as opposed to being sold directly to consumers. See CAPITAL, CONSUMER GOODS, PRODUCER GOODS.
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In economic terms, within capital goods fall an array of fixed assets, which can only be accounted for by the value partially transferred to the product.
A fall in capital goods output reflects falling investment levels.
Increasing appetite for capital goods and manufactured goods, such as materials accounting for the manufacture of electrical equipment, signifies an upbeat business sector.
V is a global leader in the capital goods sector with established industrial experience, a wide range of products and a worldwide presence.
This paper is concerned with the investigation of how the allocation of Nigeria's foreign exchange among the 'consumer goods, raw materials and capital goods imports between 1970 and 1983 contributed to the business recession in the Eighties.
a wisely chosen re-allocation of resources away from the production of consumer goods in the near future and toward the production of capital goods that will yield consumer goods in the more distant future, will ensure "higher productivity," or increased utility in the future (Bohm Bawerk 1959b: 2).
These are: import of capital goods, participation in global production networks and increasing South - South collaboration.
3 percent, pulled down by weak demand for transportation equipment, primary metals, computers and electronic products and capital goods.
His theory combines a Wicksellian theoretical base with the process of increasing and decreasing the production of capital goods relative to consumer goods.
Output of capital goods such as machinery -a key indicator of investment and future production -fell again, contracting 4.
Budi Darmadi, the director general for high technology industry said the country's need for capital goods will continue to increase from year to year to follow the trend in economic growth and the public income.
However, this contention seems to ignore the reality that entrepreneurial strategies account for the fact that certain "things" become capital goods in the first place.