capital account

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Capital account

Net result of public and private international investment and lending activities.

Capital Account

A calculation of the amount of money coming into and going out of a country. The capital account is calculated by netting the public and private investments within the country with those the government and domestic companies are making outside the country. For example, one must net the foreign direct investment in the country with the FDI the government and businesses are making in other countries to come up with part of the calculation of the capital account. Other inputs into the capital account include (but are not limited to) bank accounts and changes in the amount of domestic and foreign holders of stocks, bonds, and currencies.

capital account

  1. 1the section of the NATIONAL INCOME ACCOUNTS that records INVESTMENT expenditure by government on infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and schools; and investment expenditure by the private sector on plant and machinery.
  2. the section of the BALANCE OF PAYMENTS
accounts that records movements of funds associated with the purchase or sale of long-term assets and borrowing or lending by the private sector.
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China is moving with caution with regard to opening capital accounts, for fear that it might jeopardise internal financial security.
At the same time, both importers and exporters may be concerned about greater exchange rate volatility resulting from an open capital account if they do not have access to derivatives markets to hedge foreign exchange risk.
Second, partnership liquidating distributions are required to be made "in all cases" in accordance with the partners' positive capital account balances (after taking into account all adjustments, if any, for the partnership tax year during which the liquidation occurs).
Each time OP interests are converted to REIT shares an additional income allocation layer is created by the revaluation of the REIT assets and capital accounts based on the share price at the time of conversion.
But it maintains tight restrictions on the capital account, particular on debt and portfolio investment, worried that freeing up the yuan too quickly could leave the economy vulnerable to rapid movements in capital in and out of the country.
Excluding the above three factors and judging from the 40 sub-items set by the IMF, you may find that actually China is not that far from capital account convertibility," Zhou said.
We believe we must move towards capital account convertibility, along a road map -- the road map itself being recalibrated on a dynamic basis depending on both global and domestic developments," RBI Governor Duvvuri Subbarao told a meeting of central bankers and economists in Argentina.
The proposed default treatment of the proceeds to the payor (or purchaser) of the restrictive covenant, however, is on capital account.
The respective assets contributed were properly credited to the capital accounts of the transferors;
The capital account measures the change in the net foreign asset position of a country for a given period, such as a year.
The government injected public funds into the capital accounts of Hokkaido Bank and Fukuoka City Bank in 2000 and 2002, respectively.
The estate would not, nor would the beneficiary, recognize gain because of the negative capital account and the liability shift that occurred upon the partner's death.