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Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock descriptor specifying that issue is exempt from Nasdaq listing requirements for a temporary period.


1. A symbol appearing next to a stock listed on NASDAQ indicating that the stock is temporarily exempt from listing requirement. All NASDAQ listings use a four-letter abbreviation; if a "C" follows the abbreviation, it indicates that the security being traded is currently exempt.

2. In money market mutual funds, a symbol indicating that the fund is exempt from federal income taxes.

3. In dividends, a symbol, which appears mainly in newspapers, that the dividend is liquidating.


1. Used in the dividend column of stock transaction tables of newspapers to indicate that the listed dividend is a liquidating dividend: City Inv 7.50c.
2. Used in money market mutual fund transaction tables in newspapers to indicate funds that are chiefly or wholly exempt from federal income taxes: Fld Tax Exmpt c.
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Equalize the strength of electromagnetic noise radiation sources by adjusting parasitic capacitance values between the fuel pump system and the ground the plane equal to parasitic capacitance values between the fuel pump system and the automobile body.
In (1), the imaginary part of the impedance is taken into account for calculating the capacitance value of [C.
Since sensor capacitance (Cl) does not change (Cl = C), reallocation of charge among Cl, C2, and Cf does not occur between in Phase 1 and in Phase 2.
It provides function for capacitance measurements using the charge/discharge method and the capacitance in the range of 0.
The variation of the capacitance can be obtained by actuating individual bridge, or combination of bridges.
In a field solver, which is used to calculate the electric and magnetic fields around a collection of conductors, the capacitance between two conductors is defined in a very special and subtle way so as to make it easy to calculate the fields.
Add all that up, and most OEMs install capacitance gauges only on mono-layer or non-barrier coex blown film lines for PE.
To keep the capacitance up, designers have had to make the gate oxide thinner with each scaling.
After completion of the reference cures, 32 cures were conducted at 185 [degrees] C, where the cure was stopped at the 9 kHz inverse capacitance flat, and the uncured length was measured.
Loading of the cable with devices will add capacitance that will adversely affect the propagation delay.