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The Sky Gate project is one of the first in the world to use post-tensioned beams to facilitate construction of a cantilevered tower and engineering the beams involved complex calculations from the CCL team to ensure that each beam could support the weight of construction above it.
The arrangement of cantilevered agitator and mixer body, together with much improved access for cleaning, as a result of the full diameter hinged and safety interlocked access door at the non drive end of the mixer body, offers significantly improved hygiene and cleanability.
The large ProStar(R) video displays hanging at each end of the stadium are installed on cantilevered structures.
The ground is held back by a sinuous rim so that soffits of the cantilevered offices hang freely above the upper parking tray.
Using an innovative design that implemented super-slim cantilevered brackets, the architects came up with a creative solution that still allows light to pour down from the high ceilings and boasts an unobstructed line of sight across the main floor, preserving the beautiful chandeliers and windows facing Ground Zero.
The first unit, currently known as the Odin Star is located in the Arabian Gulf and is an independent leg cantilevered rig with a water depth range of eight to 160 feet.
Despite its imposing facade, it is an addition: a spacious living area grafted onto the rear of a vintage 60sqm bungalow, and an upstairs master suite cantilevered back without touching the roof of the old building, so avoiding the need to bring the old structure up to code.
In addition, because of the narrow lot width and close neighboring brownstones, the team also decided to use an eight-foot cantilevered floor arrangement on the north and west sides of the building, which allowed for more square footage without increasing the height of the building beyond 30 stories.
A unique feature of these transistors is the removal of collector material beneath the base layer, resulting in a cantilevered base layer resting upon a pedestal-like collector layer (see photo).
A flight of timber treads is cantilevered off the wall, supported by an internal edge beam of welded steel angles, some of which return vertically to form the framework for the glass balustrade.
Everything about this building is outstanding, including the restored yellow brick of the original structure, and a new cantilevered facade that will be faced with custom cut zinc panels.
Similarly elegant is the riverside Bassac Theatre, a brown brick and concrete structure, with a foyer designed as a series of large triangles suspended above shallow pools of water and cantilevered staircases.