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Now, then," said the duke, and as he spoke, lowered the cane almost level with the ground; "Pistache, my friend, jump for the `Illustrious Coxcomb, Mazarin de Piscina.
and he gave him the cane again, first making a semicircle from the head to the tail of Pistache.
I heard Benjamin beginning to swing his cane behind him.
cried the ardent Sir Patrick, pointing toward the house with his cane.
He touched the knob of his cane, and helped himself, with infinite zest and enjoyment, to a pinch of snuff.
The cane," he resumed, wiping his prodigious mat of face hair with the back of his hand.
His thoughts were certainly still occupied with Frederic Larsan's new cane.
So far as Timothy McManus was concerned, the dapper young man was destiny; for as Tim passed him, the young man, with utmost deliberation, thrust his cane between Tim's flying legs.
Facino Cane, whose lands won by the sword were taken by the Dukes of Milan?
The gentleman with the cane lifted his hat and had begun to tender an apology, which Mr Haredale had begun as hastily to acknowledge and walk away, when he stopped short and cried, 'Haredale
Bumble spoke, he raised his cane to the bill above him, and gave three distinct raps upon the words 'five pounds': which were printed thereon in Roman capitals of gigantic size.
The breast of his coat was ornamented with an outside pocket from which there peeped forth the cleanest end of a very large and very ill-favoured handkerchief; his dirty wristbands were pulled on as far as possible and ostentatiously folded back over his cuffs; he displayed no gloves, and carried a yellow cane having at the top a bone hand with the semblance of a ring on its little finger and a black ball in its grasp.