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Adding a cancellation clause to your contract is one way to protect yourself, Tenenbaum said.
If it is longer, it might be trying to hide something, like a cancellation clause.
The cancellation clause details how the insured or the insurer can cancel the policy.
The contract includes a cancellation clause for the second vessel.
We had a five-year lease on office space in Oak Brook, and we had one client with a 90-day cancellation clause.
gov/cemetery) advises making sure any contract with a specific cemetery or funeral home includes a cancellation clause (some establishments also offer relocation clauses to cover burials occurring out of state).
Ensure that you have a new-type cancellation clause based on higher headquarters issuing rules or regulations that will torpedo the local event.
The return to a market situation would obviously restore fair competition to the industry but the idea is still beset by major difficulties: costs are much higher than those pertaining prior to September 11, companies are at a disadvantage compared with airlines from third states that enjoy common funds, insurance companies have a cancellation clause which allows them to terminate contracts within a short period (seven days).
The new policies will also have a cancellation clause built in for travelers booked on a cruise ship that will oblige them to pay a fee to travel agencies if they cancel.
Among them is to generate a written agreement covering services, investment (price) and a cancellation clause, and avoid joining groups unless you get business from them or derive some other direct benefit.
The positions are always the same-builders charge that distributors take the commission but add little value when it comes to providing product-trained sales people or maintenance services; distributors complain that they are bullied by the builders, given too little support, and serve at the whim of the builder while dangling at the end of a 30- or 60-day cancellation clause in their contractual agreements.
A cancellation clause in a contract says to the signer, "If you cancel your program by X date, you are obligated to reimburse the facility Y dollars.