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Someone, I think little Jason, called down, "Hello.
The people upstairs would have called down if there was a problem.
Events include a special exhibition called Down Memory Lane being staged at Kenilworth Library all week.
Black Hawk Down heartthrob Ewan will appear opposite Renee Zellweger, of Bridget Jones fame, in their new movie, called Down With Love.
King called down to his driver and told him to bring up the checkbook.
In the final minute of the second period, with the Kings leading 2-1, video-goal judge Malcolm Ashford - invoking powers granted those officials this season - called down to Walkom to disallow an apparent goal by Philippe Boucher because Moger was in the crease.
Graham was called down to London yesterday to meet with three members from the party's ruling National Executive Committee.
Sharon Latta, 29, ran upstairs at her luxury home after Mark Latta, 41, who was feeding daughter Charlotte, called down to say the baby had stopped breathing.
All the family were called down to the hospital and told to say goodbye .
Executive creative director of the opening ceremony Konstantin Ernst said that he called down to master control to tell them to run the practice footage when he realized what happened, adding that the use of the pre-recorded footage is an open secret.
I called down to the airfield so I could go down to land and I came back in and landed safely.
He called down to Mission Control Houston and took some video of it.