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In the Derby, with Shoemaker letting the colt call the shots, Silky cut toward the rail and gained ground on the inside, closing to within 11 lengths on the turn and five in midstretch.
Before we came along, this was the only sport in the world where the owner didn't call the shots.
He has an obligation and a right to call the shots as he sees fit,'' Zacarias said.
This action by the board will allow our emergency personnel to literally call the shots in gathering video involving disaster relief and emergency responses.
And we applaud him for his gumption in stating publicly that it's up to him to call the shots on placement of high-ranking members of the district staff.
Those who call the shots, though, would not promise to strike sets at any particular time.
By caving in, the county supervisors are letting the extremists call the shots - and for what, to save a few dollars?
Jack Van Spall, aged 12, of Deppers Bridge, near Southam, has just been given the job of taking part in a CBBC show in the Call the Shots series, which starts a run in July.