call reports

Call Report

1. A record of all calls and visits a salesperson makes. The call report includes the result of each call or visit so one can measure the salesperson's success rate. The salesperson files his/her call reports with his/her supervisor.

2. See: Bank Call.

Report of Condition and Income

A quarterly report that every bank, bank holding company, and Edge Act corporation must file giving information over a given period of time. The report contains information on the bank's financial state, most notably including statements on income, assets, liabilities, and write-offs for bad debt. It is informally called a call report. The report of condition and income must be filed within 30 days following the end of each quarter. It is the equivalent of a thrift financial report, which must be filed by savings and loan associations. See also: earnings report.

call reports

reports completed by sales representatives after visiting customers and potential customers as a basis for compiling MARKETING INTELLIGENCE and monitoring representatives' performance. The reports may include information about new customers, reasons why particular customers have been lost and creditworthiness of buyers. See CALLS.
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The software included a then-modern web interface, automated call reports, dynamic call costing with adjustable rate tables, as well as basic 911-call alert notifications.
The Call Report for small institutions is applicable to financial institutions with domestic offices only and less than $1 billion in total assets, which represents approximately 90 percent of all institutions required to file Call Reports.
Credit union CEOs said earlier this year that the NCUA should make the last business day of the month the deadline for call reports -- similar to how other financial institution regulators have established the deadline.
Somers notes that approximately 8,200 banks are already required to file their quarterly call reports via XBRL, "and the results have been impressive.
Call Reports are used to supervise and evaluate the institutions' financial condition.
The new system is scheduled for implementation for the third quarter 2005 Call Report and will be the only method available for banks to submit their Call Reports.
With the goal of speeding the processing and exchanging of banking data and increasing the transparency of the industry's data, changes are coming in the way commercial banks' domestic call reports and bank holding company (BHC) reports are filed.
U S West Call Reports and Call Reports Online services utilize OneLink's TeleSmart Web service to provide businesses with in-depth analysis of their calls.
Some foundries don't use call reports at all, but rely on getting the information feedback in their weekly phone calls with agents or sales meetings in the case of direct people.
The most current source would be Call Reports, which are updated quarterly and are available from the FDIC at a cost of $2.
Thirty federally insured credit unions were penalized for filing required call reports late during the first quarter of the year--twice as many as in the first quarter of 2015, the NCUA announced.