call reports

Call Report

1. A record of all calls and visits a salesperson makes. The call report includes the result of each call or visit so one can measure the salesperson's success rate. The salesperson files his/her call reports with his/her supervisor.

2. See: Bank Call.

Report of Condition and Income

A quarterly report that every bank, bank holding company, and Edge Act corporation must file giving information over a given period of time. The report contains information on the bank's financial state, most notably including statements on income, assets, liabilities, and write-offs for bad debt. It is informally called a call report. The report of condition and income must be filed within 30 days following the end of each quarter. It is the equivalent of a thrift financial report, which must be filed by savings and loan associations. See also: earnings report.
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call reports

reports completed by sales representatives after visiting customers and potential customers as a basis for compiling MARKETING INTELLIGENCE and monitoring representatives' performance. The reports may include information about new customers, reasons why particular customers have been lost and creditworthiness of buyers. See CALLS.
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The distribution to eligible financial institutions will be calculated based on the average of insured shares reported in each institution's quarterly Call Reports.
The software included a then-modern web interface, automated call reports, dynamic call costing with adjustable rate tables, as well as basic 911-call alert notifications.
While we're digging around in the FFIEC call reports, we'll throw in Wallace Fowler's Liberty Bank of Arkansas.
Webster First posted net income of $5.4 million during the first nine months of the year, according to call reports filed with the NCUA.
The report indicates a nurse failed to tell doctors that the results from the bedside blood-glucose testing strip differed significantly from lab tests of the patient's blood, and the patient remained on an insulin drip for 10 hours before being found in an "unresponsive coma" as a result of "prolonged hypoglycemia," The Morning Call reports. Health officials say a failure to communicate played a role in the death.
Financial institution Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) has amended its legal entity subsidiary that includes its credit card operations FIA Card Services NA's earlier filed call reports for 2009 and 2010, the company disclosed on Monday.
Somers notes that approximately 8,200 banks are already required to file their quarterly call reports via XBRL, "and the results have been impressive.
The federal banking agencies announced a new implementation plan for the Central Data Repository (CDR)--an Internet-based system created to modernize and streamline how the agencies collect, validate, manage, and distribute financial data submitted by banks in quarterly "Call Reports." CALL/TFR reports have been submitted to accession into the electronic depository for decades and teething pains are inevitable.
banks submit their quarterly "Call Reports" in XBRL to regulators starting later this year.
It also requires banks to review related past and current accounting for errors and communicate any necessary changes in the reports of condition and income (call reports) or thrift financial reports they submit in April.
U S West Call Reports and Call Reports Online services utilize OneLink's TeleSmart Web service to provide businesses with in-depth analysis of their calls.