call price

Call price

The price, specified at issuance, at which the issuer of a bond may retire part of the bond at a specified call date.
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Call Price

1. The price at which a bond may be redeemed by the issuer before maturity. The price is set at the time of the issue. Call prices are set to reduce the issuer's risk of default; that is, the issuer may have a concern that it will not be able to make all coupon payments and redemptions at maturity and may cut its losses by redeeming at the call price.

2. The price at which a company may buy out its own preferred stock. The price is set at the time the preferred stock is issued. Reasons for exercising a stock call price include a desire to reduce dividends paid to preferred stockholders and a desire to increase earnings on common stock.
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call price

The price at which an issuer may, at its option, repurchase a security for redemption before the security's maturity. For bonds, the call price often declines over the life of the security until it reaches par value at maturity. Also called redemption price. See also extraordinary call, optional call, provisional call trigger price, sinking fund call.
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Oct PS139pp | 7 night stays also available please call Price exclude baggage & transfers these are available at a supplement please call for further details
The call price is based on a predetermined fixed return on Alinda's investment, including capital contributions.
The Agreement included a complex formula to calculate the Deferred Purchase Price at the time Cadrillion exercised the call option.<br />Instead of paying the call price to Legacy Georgia, Cadrillion sought a federal court's declaration that the call price was no more than $460,406.
These Verizon 2014-1 senior unsecured notes have an initial notional amount of USD870m and will be delisted on 23 September 2016 (the redemption date) as a call price of 100% of the principal amount of the notes being redeemed plus accrued and unpaid interest to the Redemption Date
Bangkok: With reference to Terms and Conditions of Maxi V-Plus THBFIX Callable Range Accrual Derivatives Debentures (" Maxi V-Plus") (Product code: SDB1508-128-C-NF), CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited (the "Bank") would like to inform the Holders of Maxi Return of referred product code that the Bank decides to exercise the CALL OPTION on Maxi V-Plus THBFIX Callable Range Accrual Derivatives Debentures (Product code: SDB1508-128-C-NF) on the first Coupon Payment Date, 19 April 2016 as the Call Price is to be 100% of outstanding Principal Amount specified in the terms of the Product set out in the Terms and Conditions of .
Discrimination between on-net and off-net tariffs which favors on-net calls creates a cult behavior whereby related subscribers club into a particular network to take advantage of lower on-net call price.
The strike price can be equal to or lower (bull)/higher (bear) than the call price. The call price is also referred to as "stop loss", "trigger point", "knockout point" or "barrier" by different traders.
"A new tender will be called with a call price equivalent to 80 per cent of the starting price in this tender which failed," Kremikovtzi's receiver Tsvetan Bankov told SeeNews corporate wire, but could not give a date for the next sale attempt.
NLB earlier set a call price of BAM32.31 per share for the auction.
In March 2009 the CRC set call price limits on the three Bulgarian mobile operator Vivacom, Globul and M-tel in terms of a commitment to gradually reduce the termination rates* of calls to a schedule set by CRC.
This means a number with a special prefix (such as 0845 for local call price NTS) costs the same for the caller, no matter where he or she is calling from.
In 1971, by contrast, Friedman was to call price controls "immoral."