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The inner guards went down beneath howling mobs, and the cages vomited forth their inmates hot with the lust to kill.
The barber did not care to answer Sancho lest by his plain speaking he should disclose what the curate and he himself were trying so hard to conceal; and under the same apprehension the curate had asked the canon to ride on a little in advance, so that he might tell him the mystery of this man in the cage, and other things that would amuse him.
Even then they would have died but for the coming of their men whom they met a couple of hundred yards from the cage.
The orang-outang, troubled by some dream of the forests of his freedom, began to yell like a soul in purgatory, and to wrench madly at the bars of the cage.
Below him he could now see the top of Astok's cage in the parallel shaft, and he reduced the speed of his to that of the other.
He was regarded as the most fearful of wild beasts, and this was borne in to him through the bars of the cage.
And now it is all over--your chain is broken--there is no cage.
How cruel it was of me to put those poor little owls into a cage even for one night
screamed the lady of the house, covering the cage with an embroidered white pocket handkerchief.
As he watched, he saw the black warriors strip the screen from about the cage, fasten ropes to it and drag it away along the trail in the direction of their village.
He paused and looked pensively at a sick lion in the cage opposite.
There he soon died; and it is strange to reflect that he may have regretted his Cage upon Ben Alder.