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"Once we make this mass evaluation, we will know the exact cost of the entire real estate in Macedonia," said Slavce Trpevski, director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, at the workshop Wednesday at which the preparations for this large-scale operation were discussed.
Danov explained that his main job would be to attract investments in construction and the key step to achieve this would be the establishment of a cadastre information system.
In addition, starting from April, citizens will be able to take out deeds, cadastre plan copies, and other land-related documents online for it is then that the cadastre distribution system is expected to begin operations.
Cadastre and Triangulation Chamber should timely order elaborations from triangulation companies in order to have it timely prepared.
"We in Latin America were told that this project with your Agency for Real Estate Cadastre is the most successful within the framework of the cooperation with the World Bank and we hope that we can show each other a lot of things," said the Director of the Nicaraguan Cadastre, Herman Estrada.
Land surveyor teams of the Cadastre Agency started field activities on several locations and prepare the urbanization of land parcels to be sold within the project "buy house four young people" with a starting price of one euro per meter squared.
The goal is to offer information to potential investors, citizens and institutions in a simple way, fast and free of charge, said Slave Trpeski, Director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, and Government Spokesperson Aleksandar Gjorgjiev.
The annual program for realization of the strategic plan of the Cadastre is expected to initiate the new procedure for registration of property in three steps.