cabinet security

Cabinet security

A stock or bond listed on a major exchange with low daily traded volume.

Cabinet Security

An inactive or infrequently traded bond or stock. They are usually traded in small batches, around five shares at a time. Cabinet securities are kept in cabinets on the trading floor until they are needed.

cabinet security

An inactive security listed on an exchange. The term derives from the type of storage unit in which limit orders for these securities are kept until needed for execution or cancellation.
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A cabinet security commission will offer help to the PAAF in the water-transfer, Boushehri noted.
The Cabinet security cluster calls the shots in the peace talks with the Left.
The contract is to recreate a layer carrier with replacement processors and cabinet security technology FSC system DCS ABB Symphony / Melody to the system version of Symphony + consisting of: replacing the entire layer carrier (hardware and software of workstations to servers layer carrier), the exchange of engineering station with the software, replacing the module processor on the new rack process and the exchange of software I / O modules and communication, the exchange of cabinets Security technology FSC, the exchange of power in the old cabinets, replacement of network infrastructure (switches, converters) and leaving the technical infrastructure in the form of cabinet process, cabling and fiber optic connections.
But Coloma cited data sourced by the Cabinet Security Cluster from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the fourth quarter of 2015 disputing the claim of the communist rebels.
com)-- Base level standalone electronic cabinet security is offered by EMKA with their new 1150 electromechanical swinghandle.
Both selective cabinet security functions and harsh environmental conditions often prevent the cabinet from being opened directly during production.
Modern cabinet security systems can trigger CCTV cameras to record the access session, they can require two people (technician and security overseer) to authenticate before the cabinet will unlock a" and with all such systems a full audit trail, including video footage if taken, is kept for audit and investigation purposes as required.
Alexander Padilla, the government chief negotiator in talks with the NDF, said the suspension of military operations (Somo) against communist forces was ordered by Aquino upon consulting with members of the Cabinet Security Cluster and on the recommendation of presidential adviser on the peace process Teresa Quintos-Deles.
The decision to lift martial law was made upon the recommendation of cabinet security officials during a meeting of the National Security Council early on Saturday, Ermita said.
There is an accumulation of weapons and equipment meant for Hamas in Sinai, but Egypt is preventing it from getting into the Strip," Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak said during a Sunday cabinet security briefing.
The Chancellor made the pledge as he dismissed Tory calls for a dedicated Cabinet security minister.
Chancellor Gordon Brown last night said protecting the country from terrorism would be his first priority if he becomes Prime Minister - but dismissed Tory calls for special Cabinet security minister.