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Also during the '80s, metalcasting was transformed from a seller's market to a buyer's market.
Frederick Peters, President of Ashforth Warburg Associates, remarked "We have gone from a Buyer's market in the early 90s to a Seller's market in the late 90s and 2000.
Whether by choice or necessity, DePodesta waited to make his move in a buyer's market, right before opening day when one team can take advantage of another team's trouble.
is no longer a buyer's market as it was in the mid-to late-90's.
Some banks prefer to take advantage of the buyer's market, and will sacrifice price in order to remove the "troubled" property from their portfolio by selling a property at greatly reduced rates.
Consequently the broker has to acknowledge that the burden of due diligence has fallen on the seller - especially since we are in a buyer's market.
They will be reaping the benefits of a rare autumn buyer's market as automakers offer lucrative incentives on the last of the 1998 models and, on numerous lots, are slashing prices on new 1999 models just hitting showroom floors.
In a buyer's market, where supply still outpaces demand, MetLife asset manager Mark Kenney noted the new significance given to building services and amenities.