butterfly spread

Butterfly spread

Applies to derivative products. Complex option strategy that involves buying a call option with a relatively low strike price; buying a call option with a relatively high strike price; and selling two call options with an intermediate strike price. Essentially, this is a bear call spread stacked on top of a bull call spread. One can also do this with puts. The investor buys a put with a low strike, buys a put at high strike and sells two puts at intermediate strike price. The payoff diagram resembles the shape of a butterfly.

Butterfly Spread

An option strategy wherein one sells two options with the same strike price and buys two other options, one with a low strike and one with a high strike. The butterfly spread limits both the risk and the profit potential; it is profitable only if the price of the underlying asset remains in a relatively narrow range. One may use a butterfly spread on both calls and puts, but not on both mixed together. See also: bull spread, bear spread.

butterfly spread

A combination of two long and two short call options, all with the same expiration date. The two short options carry the same strike price, which is sandwiched between a higher and a lower strike price on the long options. A hypothetical example of a butterfly spread would be to sell two April GM $60 and buy an April GM $50 and an April GM $70. The butterfly spread is designed to be profitable if the price of the underlying asset remains within a narrow trading range.
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Now I just need some butterfly spread to go with it.
The butterfly spread measuring yield differences between two-, five- and seven-year Treasury notes was 31.
In this paper we present a spectral method based on the improved Lagrange formula to compute European, digital, and butterfly spread options.
A butterfly spread is a combination in which the investor holds three put or call positions in the same underlying security at three different strike prices.
And so saying, the butterfly spread its glorious wings, took flight and became one with the sky above.
By that stage, I had also developed the lupus rash, which looked like a big red butterfly spread across my cheek.
If so, the new position is a Jan 31st 271 - 273 - 275 put butterfly spread, which offers a max payout if the S&P 500 falls another 3.
31 in the wake of results released yesterday and one investor sells 5K Apr 100 calls at $1 to buy 5K Apr 80 - 85 - 90 put butterfly spreads for $1.
Just as the bird reached for the snack, the computer would flash an image of either an owl or a butterfly behind the mealworm as suddenly as an attacked butterfly spreads its startling wings.
When a comma butterfly spreads its wings, the insect is easy to see (above).