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1. The cancellation of an order to a broker after it has been executed. Busts usually occur if some error has been made.

2. A period of rapid decline for a security or market. A bust is associated with a bear market. See also: Boom-bust cycle.


To cancel an order after it has been filled. In most cases, cancellation occurs only under unusual circumstances, such as an error or a misunderstanding. Also called break.
References in classic literature ?
It's the Napoleon bust business again," said Lestrade.
It all seems to centre round that bust of Napoleon which I bought for this very room about four months ago.
Are you coming with us to see the remains of your bust, Mr.
The spat where the fragments of the bust had been found was only a few hundred yards away.
The possession of this trifling bust was worth more, in the eyes of this strange criminal, than a human life.
But I wish to call your attention very particularly to the position of this house, in the garden of which the bust was destroyed.
Barnicot's bust was broken not far from his red lamp.
Sherlock Holmes and I walked together to the High Street, where we stopped at the shop of Harding Brothers, whence the bust had been purchased.
It was a bust of Napoleon, like the one which we had seen that morning, and it had been broken into similar fragments.
You wrote to me about a bust that is in my possession.
I only gave fifteen shillings for the bust, and I think you ought to know that before I take ten pounds from you.
I brought the bust up with me, as you asked me to do.