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1. The cancellation of an order to a broker after it has been executed. Busts usually occur if some error has been made.

2. A period of rapid decline for a security or market. A bust is associated with a bear market. See also: Boom-bust cycle.


To cancel an order after it has been filled. In most cases, cancellation occurs only under unusual circumstances, such as an error or a misunderstanding. Also called break.
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If the idea of busting a turkey flock and calling it back in sounds like fun to you but you don't have a turkey dog, don't worry--almost any dog can be trained to bust turkeys.
BROAD-MINDED Culture Club members who are game for a laugh have the chance to win a pair of tickets to see the musical comedy Busting Out at the Empire Theatre in Consett, County Durham on Friday, September 24 at 7.
Whether it's something as intense as war (remember Queen Nzhinga busting heads for Angola's independence?