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1. The cancellation of an order to a broker after it has been executed. Busts usually occur if some error has been made.

2. A period of rapid decline for a security or market. A bust is associated with a bear market. See also: Boom-bust cycle.


To cancel an order after it has been filled. In most cases, cancellation occurs only under unusual circumstances, such as an error or a misunderstanding. Also called break.
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The hunter with the dog sets up where the dog busted the turkeys and starts calling to the lost birds before longbeards start calling back and working their way towards the caller.
Busted Foundation aids women who are suffering financial hardships due to medical expenses from breast cancer treatment.
And the idea crept into my head after all that time apart: what would Busted look like today?
With five million record sales, two four times' platinum albums and four number one singles to their name, a staggering 700,000 concert tickets sold in one year, two Brit Awards and a Record of the Year Award, Busted are one of the biggest home-grown pop acts of the 21st century.
Busted bassist, Matt Willis, who also won I'm a Celebrity back in 2006 said:"To be honest a lot of my memories of Newcastle are very blurry.
James Bourne and Matt Willis from Busted will join McFly's Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd as McBusted.
Cell Block Saturday will then culminate in "BUSTED: LIVE," a programming event fraught with so much illegal possibility, someone might just wind up busted live on-air before the night is over.
Two original members of the band that became Busted yesterday launched an estimated pounds 10 million High Court action alleging they had to give up rights to songs after "threats" against them.
The students' union was packed with fans eager to get a look at Charlie, who said he quit Busted because he wanted to pursue more "serious" music.
Fame is fleeting, so what will happen to bands like Busted when their hair goes grey, the girls grow up and their music ends up in HMV's bargain basement bin?
BOY rockers Busted have revealed how they got kicked out of their seats in a Dublin night club - by Bono.
Speculation has been fuelled by the hunky teenager's absence from a number of Busted performances before Christmas, which was blamed on an unspecified illness.