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1. The cancellation of an order to a broker after it has been executed. Busts usually occur if some error has been made.

2. A period of rapid decline for a security or market. A bust is associated with a bear market. See also: Boom-bust cycle.


To cancel an order after it has been filled. In most cases, cancellation occurs only under unusual circumstances, such as an error or a misunderstanding. Also called break.
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My bills are all due, the baby needs shoes, and I'm busted
Busted will be at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena on May 24.
We could not think of a better partnership,” Stefanie LaHart
, CEO Busted Foundation.
Let's not forget that birds are sometimes on edge when you call them back in because a dog recently busted them up.
In a statement, the Busted pair said: "This was an opportunistic attempt by Doyle and McPhail to cash in on our success.
The manager also said the new Busted intended to use the songs written by the four when they were in a band called The Termites, said Mr Penny.
I'm proud of Busted and they are the reason why we're here right now.
Warwick University was the first leg of his band's UK tour and the date had been timed to coincide with the news Charlie was leaving Busted.
And in true Busted tradition the band actually "crashed the wedding" when their stay at the Culloden Hotel coincided with someone else's big day.
Charlie feels Busted aren't taken very seriously,' says an insider.
Busted Stuff starts encouragingly enough with "Busted Stuff" with some jazzy sax from LeRoi Moore and tasty bass from Stefan Lessard, and one hopes that this is the band's breakthrough disc, the one that vaults them beyond the promise of Under The Table And Dreaming.