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1. The cancellation of an order to a broker after it has been executed. Busts usually occur if some error has been made.

2. A period of rapid decline for a security or market. A bust is associated with a bear market. See also: Boom-bust cycle.


To cancel an order after it has been filled. In most cases, cancellation occurs only under unusual circumstances, such as an error or a misunderstanding. Also called break.
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Conor O'Dwyer, rider of Jurado Express, who is unbeaten in two starts over fences for Arthur Moore, said: "He's done everything right and has to have a decent chance, although Bust Out will be hard to beat.
SARS Customs busts goods worth close to R400 million since 1 January.
In Quezon City, another couple yielded more than P290,000 worth of party drugs in a drug bust on Tuesday.
The internationally acclaimed British sculptor, Philip Jackson sculpted the Bust.
Fans have observed the new bust to be more flattering, even if it does not show him smile, rather portrays in a serious mood, like the previous one.
If you're going to do an FBA on a pattern, pick your pattern size by using your upper bust measurement: the measurement when you place the measuring tape under your armpits and measure across the top of your bust (not at the fullest point).
Busts of these important figures, among others, sit alongside busts of all of the American Vice Presidents (Al Gore's and Joe Biden's are still in progress) and of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis.
Next, share the 44-second YouTube time-lapse video of artist Amelia Rowcroft creating a portrait bust in clay of the actor Johnny Depp (youtu.
The ministry claims that if the commission comes to the conclusion that the law was violated, the export permit can be scrapped and lawyers could then begin looking into the possibility of returning the bust to Slovakia from the United States.
Crouch originally donate money to pay for six busts, the first of which was unveiled in 1940.
Upon interrogation the three men admitted in stealing the bust.
Hawick community councillor Alastair Cranston, a former Scotland rugby cap, said: "I am hoping that with the bust and the rugby centre together, Hawick will become a mecca for rugby fans.