business value

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Business Value

How much a business is worth. Business value is a highly subjective measure because it involves estimating the value of intangible assets like trade secrets and brand recognition. It adds to this the value of tangible assets like machinery and stockholder equity. Business value is especially important for potential investors or buyers.

business value

The intangible value of a business,over and above the value of the land,improvements, fixtures, receivables, and cash. Intangibles may consist of goodwill, franchise value, and proprietary systems and procedures.

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Key analytic business questions and key performance indicators linked to the business initiatives and the relative business value of those business initiatives;
Red Brick Warehouse, which was incorporated into Decision Frontier Solution Suite with the recent closing of Informix's acquisition of Red Brick Systems, also plays an important role in Informix's business value solutions.
There comes a point of diminishing returns where the cost to provide optimal production-level access and performance outweighs the actual business value derived from the data.
For example, investments made in TQM training and implementation have high business value because they support the TQM imperative, which in turn supports the measurement of customer satisfaction, which in turn has an impact on a critical stakeholder--the customer.
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