business segment

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Business Segment

A division or subset of a business' operations, especially in large corporations. For a division to be considered a segment, it must directly earn revenue for the company. For example, a heavily diversified corporation may have one segment dedicated to telecommunications, another to manufacturing, and a third to energy. It is also known simply as a segment. Internally, each segment's expenses and revenues are accounted for separately.

business segment

See segment.
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In addition, Pfizer announced that Olivier Brandicourt will lead the transition from the current Emerging Markets organisation to the regional structure that will be established for each of the three business segments.
The Global Packaging business segment includes packaging-related manufacturing operations located outside of the US as well as global medical device and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturing operations.
Kevan Casey, CEO of eLinear, stated, "We are growing our business across all business segments and we are expecting to achieve significant growth over last year's revenue.

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