business segment

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Business Segment

A division or subset of a business' operations, especially in large corporations. For a division to be considered a segment, it must directly earn revenue for the company. For example, a heavily diversified corporation may have one segment dedicated to telecommunications, another to manufacturing, and a third to energy. It is also known simply as a segment. Internally, each segment's expenses and revenues are accounted for separately.

business segment

See segment.
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Aspiro's goal is for the Mobile Solutions business segment to improve its earnings net of direct expenses by at least 15% in 2011 compared to 2010.
The new forward-looking Aspiro has very strong underlying growth, especially in the Music business segment.
The new business segments, along with their respective vice president-general managers, are:
Search for a company's activities in a particular country or business segment.
The Truck and Automotive Groups will continue as individual business segments.
It closely examines the business segments, competition strategies and financials of WMI in a comparative framework with its nearest competitors.

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