business premises

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business premises



a building which is used to produce a good or provide a service. The main types of business premises are: FACTORY, OFFICE, retail or work SHOP or STORE, WAREHOUSE. See UNIFORM BUSINESS RATE.
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START-UP SUCCESS Ann Boyd, of SASDA, with Chele Connell, who launched Cheer Creations from home before expanding and moving into business premises at Aycliffe Business Park
119(a) allows an exclusion from employees' gross incomes for the value of meals furnished to employees by the employer on the employer's business premises if the meals are provided for the employer's convenience.
Mr Sunter said: "Without the support available to us through the Go Wansbeck business premises grant scheme it would not have been possible for us to complete this project.
Assignment of three (3) business premises for the restoration activity (ice cream parlor) at malaga-costa del sol airport.
Emma Bird, from the Business Premises Scheme, said: "The improvements at Cradle Days go to show how successful the Business Premises Scheme and the Go Wansbeck programme have been and continue to be.
132(e)(2) de minimis fringe benefit exclusion applies to meals in an employer-provided eating facility if (1) the facility's annual revenues normally(6) equal or exceed its direct operating costs and (2) the facility is located on or near the employer's business premises.
Schedule 36 of the Finance Act 2008 is to extend information powers and introduces a new power for HMRC to inspect business premises and records relevant to all direct taxes - not just PAYE and VAT as current powers allow.
Services concession: transfer of two (2) business premises for the restoration activity at malaga-costa del sol airport.
The Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA) is a welcome boost for retailers and businesses aiming to renovate outdated, vacant premises.
Company limited its employee lunch periods to 30 minutes and provided free lunches to employees on its business premises.

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