business combination

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Business combination

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A decision by two companies to combine all operations, officers, structure, and other functions of business. Mergers are meant to be mutually beneficial for the parties involved. In the case of two publicly-traded companies, a merger usually involves one company giving shareholders in the other its stock in exchange for surrendering the stock of the first company. See also: Acquisition.

business combination

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Under that, the shareholders will extend the date on which to commence liquidating the trust account established in relation to the company's initial public offering, if it does not consummate a business combination between 10 June to 8 October 2017.
As a result, Andina now has until September 1, 2017 to consummate an initial business combination.
ROI has entered into a merger agreement for a business combination with Ascend Telecom Holdings Limited.
a Dutch private limited liability corporation ( Holdco ), has filed with the SEC a registration statement on Form S-4 (the Registration Statement ), which includes a preliminary prospectus with respect to HoldCo s ordinary shares to be issued in the proposed business combination between Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron (the Business Combination ) and a preliminary proxy statement of Applied Materials in connection with the Business Combination.
FAS 141 requires the use of the purchase method of accounting for all business combinations and prohibits the pooling of interests method.
The firm said its plans for Metal Management may include privately negotiating transactions of Metal Management's securities, open-market purchases, proposing a business combination including a merger, a tender offer or waging a proxy battle.
A business combination may include (1) one or more entities merging or becoming subsidiaries, (2) one entity transferring net assets or its owners transferring their equity interests or (3) all entities transferring net assets or the owners transferring their equity interests to a newly formed entity.
But Europeans, who are understandably less concerned about the implications of European regulators passing judgment on American business combinations, know a different man.
It has finally happened: Twenty-five years after its first discussion memorandum on accounting for business combinations and intangibles (Aug.
The Exposure Draft requires disclosure of the valuation allowance, whether established as a result of operations or in connection with a business combination.
As announced in the Prior Press Release, Tokyo Electron agreed with Applied Materials to implement the Business Combination and executed a business combination agreement (the Business Combination Agreement ) on September 24, 2013.

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