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A slang term for a large amount of money.


A package of shingles. Normally, there are three bundles per square and 27 shingles per bundle.Most roofing contractors charge by the square or by the bundle.

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Michael Beckel, "Big Donors & Bundlers Among Obama's Ambassador Picks," OpenSecrets.
Nicholas Pritzker, who is part of the wealthy Pritzker family and is an investor in Tesla, is a direct relative of Penny Pritzker, one of Obama's biggest bundlers, according to the New York Times.
Washington, July 16 (ANI): More than 34 million dollars of US President Barack Obama's 86 million second quarter fundraising came from big money bundlers, a Politico analysis has revealed.
And the emergence of online giving as a major funding source could dilute the importance of large donors and bundlers.
Before the cave-in, before the ivory towers of the elite crumbled, banks were selling mortgages to bundlers who in turn used those mortgages as assets in order to take huge risks in the securities market.
Open-source development was most common among firms that provided software support services, followed closely by customizers and bundlers, but nearly a third of the firms that were pure software developers did some open-source projects as well.
The only bipartisan activity in Washington, DC, is the disrespect of our tax dollars to pay back campaign bundlers, earmarks to enhance individual worth, and insider trading that, contrary to the author's contention, is rampant.
Perhaps it would benefit everyone if there were more Big Wilts and Benton Bundlers.
While it looks like Obama relies less on bundlers from this sector than McCain, "his campaign has ignored repeated requests from the Center for Responsive Politics and other watchdog groups to disclose his bundlers' employers and occupations," said CRP, with the $13 million so far attributed to such bundlers--called "Obamasaurs" by the New York Observer--"probably" an undercount.
Mr Obama's green light to his money bundlers came two days before he and Mrs Clinton were scheduled to meet in Washington with some of her top fund-raisers in a show of unity after their bruising contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Company combines field-proven, best-in-class technologies including Optel vision systems, Omega shrink bundlers, Belcor case erectors and case tapers and NJM/CLI labelers such as the Model 130 Bronco pressure sensitive labeler and Model 400 print & apply labeler.
Together, the Kaplans raised between $100,000 and $200,000 for the Obama campaign, ranking them among the campaign's top 500 bundlers, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.