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A slang term for a large amount of money.


A package of shingles. Normally, there are three bundles per square and 27 shingles per bundle.Most roofing contractors charge by the square or by the bundle.

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Jason Seher, "White House Avoids Bundlers in Recent Round of Ambassador Nominations," CNN, 5 June 2014, http://politicalticker.
Obama's campaign, which filed its 15,000-page quarterly report with the Federal Election Committee, is the only 2012 campaign to release the bundler data so far, and officials at his Chicago headquarters challenged other White House hopeful's to do the same.
Slash Bundling System: John Deere 1490D Slash Bundler
While it looks like Obama relies less on bundlers from this sector than McCain, "his campaign has ignored repeated requests from the Center for Responsive Politics and other watchdog groups to disclose his bundlers' employers and occupations," said CRP, with the $13 million so far attributed to such bundlers--called "Obamasaurs" by the New York Observer--"probably" an undercount.
He was nicknamed The Benton Bundler and was quite an awesome character.
Bundlers will always be important, but campaigns' reliance on them is exacerbated by the need to collect ever-increasing amounts.
Shendige added that Omega is developing similar actuators as replacements for other pneumatic cylinders on the machines and has received a number of requests for replacements to older bundlers already in use.
Now, the Classic shrink bundler demands less maintenance and labor to maintain.
In addition to raising funds, lobbyists backing Bush often coach their clients on how to become bundlers themselves; there are now so many executives trying to be recognized as Rangers and Pioneers, lobbyist Lanny Griffith told National Journal, that "competition is pretty fierce for getting credit.
Although the law does not require bundlers to reveal whom they tapped for donations, we might surmise that Berman, for example, found contributors among his many "consulting" clients, which include the Carlyle Group, AOL Time Warner, and the Florida sugar company Flo-Sun.
A contemporary Dutch pamphlet dealing with the origi n of bundling used the same etching as its frontispiece and gave it the title "The Original Bundlers.