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A slang term for a large amount of money.


A package of shingles. Normally, there are three bundles per square and 27 shingles per bundle.Most roofing contractors charge by the square or by the bundle.

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John Deere's biomass bundler unit is an effective machine for processing forest residues, which can be used as a source of fuelwood and/or a feedstock for biofuel production.
Case in point: Norman Hsu, a mysterious man with a shady past and equally shady present who established himself through various wiles as a major bundler of seemingly legitimate political donations.
He was nicknamed The Benton Bundler and was quite an awesome character.
This meant that the original lender was tempted to make loans on any terms, however unsound or misleading, that would attract borrowers, because the lender would be paid off by the bundler and did not have to worry about collecting the loan.
But the bigger the bundle, the more diligence is due in checking out the bundler, especially one like Mr.
A few power companies are already beginning to explore a new role as bundler of energy services and coordinator of energy activity on the energy web that is forming.
PC Free Inc, which bills itself as a strategic bundler of hardware, software, internet telephony and e-commerce, says it has secured $39m in private funding as it prepares to launch its service.
When it completes an order, GCA recycles all of the wood scraps in a bundler, a device costing a hefty $100,000.
PHOTO : Bundler wrapping coffee bricks in Kraft paper overwrap
100 million Madoff bundler settlement helped it emerge as a top whistleblower firm.
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