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However, this mess could have been avoided from the beginning if the government had listened to the concerns of the employees of the FBR instead of bullishly forcing its man at the head.
"Certainly, the markets will react quite bullishly, especially if the Strait of Hormuz is shut down.
It is still not clear why the match commissar failed to involve the police to take action against the stewards who bullishly handed the camera to him to deliver to Bandari officials when the match was still in progress.
It's effective at times - especially during a sinister scene with Colm Feore's (Arthur) "re-birth expert" - and some of Miles' attacks are bullishly brutal.
The Street bullishly promotes Apple for a few quarters or years, and bearishly frets if a new product fails to redefine the technological experience, the publication notes, adding that then investors take profits and knock the stock around until a sign emerges to show the company is fine.
Investors from across continents had swamped an annual major event bullishly looking for investment opportunities in the energy sector across industry and technology chains.
Donald had bullishly started the window hoping to sell all four and, while that remains the preference, Sunderland are finding the lucrative contracts they are on are making it difficult.
Solskjaer has bullishly suggested United should challenge on all fronts next season but suggested they should not rely on the 'superstar' strategy that has compromised their dealings in the transfer market since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.
Trent Reznor reacted bullishly and crudely to a fan's social media complaint that this final instalment of the trilogy - that also features EPs Not The Actual Events and Add Violence - is too short to be called an album.
Baffert would bullishly assert that a good horse can win from any draw, while Bin Surour in contrast, acknowledged that he would have to go back to the drawing board and make a new plan.
"I bullishly contacted the traders to inform them they'd made a mistake and I was told it was in fact correct.
"Instead they have bullishly and arrogantly pressed ahead with their scandalous proposals.