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These will be the items that are most important to bulk-buy. This will stop you being distracted by deals for items you don't need.
BULK-BUY EXPENSIVE ITEMS MAKE a list of the expensive items you need such as washing powder and razors and make a point of looking for bulk-buy deals.
Bulk-buy expensive items Make a list of the expensive items such as washing powder and razors and look for bulk-buy deals.
This bulk-buy program is developing a local solar hot water industry that will help bring down energy bills and alleviate cost-of-living pressures for families throughout the region.
Why haven't we same rules across UK?" Tesco have been slammed for continuing to offer bulk-buy deals to Scots over the internet.
But some MSPs have warned that retailers are also looking at removing quantity discounts but then marking down single bottles to whatever the price would have been as part of a bulk-buy deal.
A new NHS procurement champion, with private-sector expertise, is to be appointed to push for better practice across the health service, including hospitals getting together to bulk-buy equipment at a discount.
It will also hit "all you can drink" deals and bulk-buy discounts at supermarkets.
One way the Scottish government could help would be to bulk-buy fuel on behalf of hard-up customers, they said.
"There were a total of 13 of them and he had been assigned to bulk-buy cocaine for the weekend.
Members of the North East Trading Standards Association checked out bulk-buy meat bargains designed to tempt shoppers.
THE Scottish government are to bulk-buy electricity for the whole public sector in a move to save taxpayers' money.