bulk sale

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Bulk Sale

The sale of a large number of real estate properties at the same time as if they were one unit. The properties are not connected and usually have nothing in common except that they are sold in the same transaction. Bulk sales developed as a way to divest oneself of a real estate investment.

bulk sale

Transfer of all or substantially all the assets of a business. Some states have bulk sales laws requiring notice to creditors before any such sales,so that a debtor may not liquidate all assets, pocket the money,and leave creditors holding the bag.

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Loeb Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers reported on Friday the completion of the bulk sale of the assets located at Harris Silver & Sons Inc to Alter Trading Corporation, headquartered in St.
The Department of Taxation and Finance's (DTF) bulk sale notification requirements provide the acquirer with options that may alleviate successor liability for these taxes.
Expenses are much higher in a sell-through model versus a bulk sale, because of the costs associated with running the sale for a longer period.
The risk of a transferee running off with the bulk sale proceeds leaving creditors high and dry has been greatly reduced.
There is precedent in the federal tax area for treating a bulk sale of inventory as other than income in the ordinary course of business.
Houlihan-Pames Realtors has sold 50 unsold co-operative apartments in a bulk sale.
of Youngstown, Ohio holding has completed the bulk sale of a substantial amount of the bank's troubled loans, along with other assets, to an unrelated party.
In a private letter ruling released January 14, 2011, the IRS allowed a bulk sale exception to the retailer exclusion, allowing an oil and gas company to claim percentage depletion.
Prodigy Capital Investments, led by principal Rodrigo Nino, has turned a nearly 33 percent profit on a downtown Miami bulk sale from 10 months ago.
The three Italian companies had already forged an alliance at the end of 1999 on the bulk sale of energy, indicating at the time that they were open to advances from other associates.