building permit

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Building Permit

Permission by a local government to build a new construction or renovate an existing one. A building permit helps ensure that the construction will be safe and that it will comply with inspections (and therefore with the building code). It also helps raise revenue for the municipality, since building permits usually require a fee.

building permit

Written permission from local government to proceed with construction, substantial repair,demolition,or sign erection on real property.The permit process serves several purposes:

• Revenue generation through permitting fees
• Early identification of potential problems, such as the need for historical district approvals
• Entry of the project into a tracking system to ensure code compliance through periodic inspections
• Estimation of the anticipated cost of the project, in order to assist local government with analysis of building and development trends
• Initiation of steps that will ultimately ensure all subcontractors have business licenses and correctly report their income for the year

(Developers typically include contingencies in their purchase contracts to allow for difficulties in obtaining building permits. Especially with large projects, which require extensive plan review before issuance of a permit,the permitting process can take many months.)

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This formed part of the 4th workshop on developments in the building permit system.
Since the launch the first phase of upgrading the building permit system in 2014, work was "continued incessantly" in the development of the system amid "many difficulties and shortcomings" that were overcome through the support and the co-operation of consultancy offices, government agencies, and municipalities.
Nationwide and in most markets it appears builders are planning to ramp up activity that will help offset a drop in foreclosure starts, but there are some markets where a jump in both building permits and foreclosure starts in the first quarter indicate the scales will tip more heavily in favor of supply of homes for sale in the coming months--both new homes and foreclosures," said Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac.
Mark Kulaas, Douglas County's planning director, said his department received 20 single-family home building permit applications in December, compared to seven in November.
And sellers are required by state law to disclose any projects they've done - additions, conversions and remodeling, for example - regardless of whether a building permit was required, she added.
Selectman Mitchell Cohen said he supported the new fees, but said he was concerned that people applying for building permits would get caught off-guard.
Many jurisdictions require that a waste management plan be approved prior to issuing a building permit.
The AMANDA solution enables builders and contractors to apply for building permits for single-detached homes, make payments, check status updates and schedule and view building inspection results online in real-time.
8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Warren Group, New England's premier collector of public record data on real estate sales, financing and ownership, has added a new building permit database to its robust data suite.
The University of Oregon was the big spender in terms of building permit applications in the city of Eugene during 2007, logging slightly more than $43 million in projects valued at $500,000 or more.
There was a gradual decrease in total building permit valuations in Anchorage during the month of April 2006, compared to year-ago figures.

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