building line

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Building Line

The closest a building (such as a house) may be to the demarcation dividing two real estate properties. A building line may ensure that houses abide by the fire code or may simply ensure that residents and businesses have some degree of privacy. Building lines are set by either the local government or, less commonly, a neighborhood association.

building line

A setback line; the closest a building may be allowed to come to the property boundary line.Building lines may be set by local government or by subdivision building restrictions.

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His suggested solution to the shortcomings of municipal politics was the establishment of a permanent building lines commission, "constituted somewhat after the manner of a Park Commission and acting through a Building Line Bureau in the City Engineer's Department.
Rolling stock for the FCC-led part of the project building lines 4, 5 and 6 will be supplied by French company Alstom.
Relaying a district heating pipe DN 250 as KMR (approx 280m) in the public road and narrow space division of LHM Munich and a building line DN 200 40m in the basement of Hauptbahnhofes.
At the back, the house is pulled away from the building line to create a space for the smallest of gardens.
Long colonnades run along the edges of the classroom blocks, formed by pulling back the lower floors from the building line, so that zones of shade and circulation are created underneath the overhanging upper floors.
The building line recedes behind this linear parapet at the Kursaal's centre to create a deep sheltered space likened by the architects to the traditional Spanish zaguan (entrance) porch.
The building line extends the urban context seen along Konrad-Wolf-Avenue, which undergoes a traffic calming at the time between the Ernst Busch Place with Havel-Nuthe-Center at the beginning of (KWA 13), and a larger green area at the end ( KWA 63).
At the main south end, the two long flank walls project beyond the building line to enclose an external room, sheltered and shaded by a cantilevered roof.
Tenders are invited for Re-alignment of damaged sanitary line BWSSB main line to existing manhole in TE building line and existing manhole in staff quarters and allied civil works at Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru.
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