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The act of adding something to a property such that it increases the property's value. For example, if one builds a house on a piece of land, the land usually becomes more valuable. Thus, the house is considered an improvement.


An increase in the value of real estate achieved by changing its configuration or by adding to it. Also called land improvement.
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The client should have an appraisal prepared to prove the "cost" of these building improvements that were completed one year before their sale.
Level of financial support: 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of pounds 15,000 Community and Prominent Buildings Grant The grant assists with costs for external building improvements.
Sealed Electronic Bid: Police athletic league (pal) building improvements project
Compared to other building improvements, an energy upgrade is a low-risk investment that can pay dividends right away and for years to come.
5 million of building improvements at Alcester Grammar School and Alcester High School Technology College.
The building improvements were necessary for the fire station to meet Board of Health codes and meet handicap-access guidelines.
WARWICKSHIRE schools are set to share almost pounds 2 million for vital building improvements.
Valve chamber drains and standby generators will also be added; Main Lift Station control building improvements including pump rehabilitation, HVAC and roof replacement; Improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Facility: Removal of accumulated biosolids in the Aeration Lagoon; Installation of a new diffused aeration system (blowers, ancillary process piping, electrical and control systems);Replacement of gratings, inoperable valves, and site piping; Irrigation equipment improvements including pump and distribution valve replacement; Irrigation pump building improvements including HVAC equipment and roof replacement.
Our needs were not just replacement financing but also financing to help reposition the assets, which includes basic building improvements, tenant improvements and leasing commissions.

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