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The act of adding something to a property such that it increases the property's value. For example, if one builds a house on a piece of land, the land usually becomes more valuable. Thus, the house is considered an improvement.


An increase in the value of real estate achieved by changing its configuration or by adding to it. Also called land improvement.
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Non-cash stock-based compensation, amortization of acquisition-related intangible assets, the net amortization of debt discount on the company's convertible senior notes, gains/losses on the sales of land and building improvements, and gains/losses on conversions of the company's convertible senior notes, are being excluded from the company's FY15 financial results because the decisions which gave rise to these expenses were not made to increase revenue in a particular period, but were made for the company's long-term benefit over multiple periods.
The client should have an appraisal prepared to prove the "cost" of these building improvements that were completed one year before their sale.
According to Siemens and McGraw-Hill the study provides the marketplace with a valuable guide to help all building owners assess specific building improvements and retrofits to achieve high levels of building performance.
Tedom is in the business of loaning money to finance residential and commercial building improvements.
Contract notice: Purchase of national health information technology (e-health) system - local infrastructure to regional, inter-institutional functionally integrated information systems for building improvements project called servers, storage and accessories can be obtained in part 1: servers, storage and purchase of accessories part 2: acquisition of virtualization and management software.
The New York state Court of Appeals will hear a case tomorrow on whether landlords are allowed to deregulate rent-controlled apartments while receiving J-15 tax abatements for building improvements.
CASH for school building improvements intended for next year is to be given to Coventry schools this year.
Commercial Improvement Area Grant The grant assists with costs for external building improvements.
Most of the company's equipment was leased or rented, Hubley says, but Spectrum made some building improvements, installing an air-filtration system and floor drains according to Ministry of Environment specifications.
Later work is expected to focus on urban development, water and sanitation infrastructure, in addition to making public building improvements.
The Appellate Division ruled last month that Tishman and the complexes' former owner, Metropolitan Life, should not have deregulated apartments while receiving the J-51 tax abatements, which are given for making building improvements.
These planned short-term building improvements will enable us to achieve this aim in line with the college's well-deserved reputation for academic excellence and tradition.

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