building height

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building height

The total height from the bottom of the ground floor to the highest structure or decoration on the roof. Local building codes or airport avigation easements may place restrictions on building height.

Example:  The Washington, D.C., building height restriction states that no building may be more than 20 feet taller than the width of the street in front of it, but exceptions may be granted for spires, towers, domes, minarets, pinnacles, and engineering structures such as ventilation shafts.

height, building

Generally held to be the height from the street to the surface of a flat roof or the average height of a pitched roof, without taking into account roof structures, air handling equipment, antennas, or satellite dishes. The term is most often significant when attempting to meet zoning restrictions, which usually contain their own definitional sections. If so, then it is irrelevant what the general public considers as the true measurement of building height; the method of measurement specified in the statute will control.

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Conservative peer Baroness Neville-Rolfe also said building height restrictions should be looked at "creatively", with a view to provide more accommodation.
Although the ideal building height for Multi installations starts at 300m, this system is not constrained by a building's height.
The building's total built-up area is 24,375 square metres and the total building height above ground level is 72.
The accuracy of COST231 Walfisch Ikegami model was analysed without defined building height parameters and then a 3D model was experimentally examined with defined building heights.
If so, they would have noticed that the Three Graces at the Pier Head are not, in fact, symmetrical in terms of building height.
When PWS Worksurfaces decided to open a new production facility to meet increasing demand for its worktops, Pro-Dek was appointed to install a cantilever racking system for timber worktops that would take full advantage of the building height in order to maximise the area available for production.
The assemblage allows for a building height of 208 ft.
The story also incorrectly stated that association members were confused by the Eugene Planning Commission's building height recommendations.
Store sizes will be limited to prevent large clubs from coming to the neighborhood, and building height limits on Greenwich Street will be lowered.
CZM staff said the project failed to consider traffic impact, building height and public beach access.
Within the scope of urban development planning guidelines for the former Aspern Airfield in Vienna, a maximum building height of eight storeys and a coefficient of utilisation of 2.
Since 2000, when architect Yves Lion proposed building 20-to-40-story towers in a no mans land at the edge of the beltway, a building height debate has raged in the city.

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