building codes

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Building Code

Municipal or sometimes national ordinances governing the safe construction and renovation of buildings. A building code helps ensure that a building is not a hazard to people entering and leaving it, or to the broader public. For example, a building code may prohibit hazardous substances like asbestos from being used in construction. In general, building codes do not apply to existing buildings unless an addition or reconstruction is being done.

building codes

Regulations established by local governments to specify minimum building standards for foundations, structural support, electrical and plumbing systems, fire retardation, accessibility, safety for small children and others, fire escapes, numbers of exits, numbers of parking places,and many other areas concerned with the health and safety of the population.The most widely employed building code is the standard known as the International Building Code. Some local governments still employ the Southern Building Code.(For more information go to the International Code Council Web site at
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The CDA after seeking input of structure engineers and firms would study the data and revise the building codes in light of recommendations by the structure assessment consultants.
An uncompromising system of strong, continuously updated building codes with consistent enforcement is essential to our country's pursuit of disaster resilience," said FLASH President and CEO Leslie Chapman-Henderson.
With billions of dollars spent annually by the federal government and private sector on disaster relief and the rebuilding of communities, legislation that encourages widespread adoption of model building codes will enhance the Federal Emergency Management Agency's goal of making sure cities and towns are better equipped to prepare for, prevent the occurrence of, respond to and recover from disasters.
Residential building codes in 18 hurricane-prone coastal states]
He further added PEC and USAID under its Power Distribution Programme have come forward to combine for the establishment of Building Code of Pakistan (Seismic Provisions-2007), Building Code of Pakistan (Energy Provisions-2011), Building Guidelines for Safe and Sustainable Housing in Gilgit-Baltistan Areas (2013), Building Code of Pakistan (Fire Safety Provisions - under development) and Development of National Electric Safety Code.
Groups like the Canadian Wood Council and the Ontario Home Builders Association are lobbying for amendments to national and provincial building codes that will allow for six-storey wood frame developments.
The report recommended code development organizations should update model building codes that can be adopted by local jurisdictions.
As the UAE moves forward as a strong federation, it should have the best building codes for the construction sector that tackle issues related to building life, earthquake, environment, maintenance, sustainability and energy efficiency.
Although the federal government has no official role in building codes or code enforcement, the increasing number of natural disasters and the ensuing need for federal aid has become a recurring issue on Capitol Hill.
Due to the apparent hazards, local administration constituted building codes not to allow construction of multiple storey buildings in the city but in violation of the building codes, plenty of plazas and commercial buildings have been built posing serious threat to the lives of thousands of people living in the neighborhood.
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Remmer remembers when there were no state building codes.

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