building codes

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Building Code

Municipal or sometimes national ordinances governing the safe construction and renovation of buildings. A building code helps ensure that a building is not a hazard to people entering and leaving it, or to the broader public. For example, a building code may prohibit hazardous substances like asbestos from being used in construction. In general, building codes do not apply to existing buildings unless an addition or reconstruction is being done.

building codes

Regulations established by local governments to specify minimum building standards for foundations, structural support, electrical and plumbing systems, fire retardation, accessibility, safety for small children and others, fire escapes, numbers of exits, numbers of parking places,and many other areas concerned with the health and safety of the population.The most widely employed building code is the standard known as the International Building Code. Some local governments still employ the Southern Building Code.(For more information go to the International Code Council Web site at
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Does the local building code follow Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) model?
The meeting decided to form sub-committee for forwarding further practicable suggestions about building codes which will include Senators Barrister Saif, Saeed Ghani and Ayesha Farooq.
National Institute of Building Sciences CEO Henry Green characterized the prior's week Conference on Resilient Building Codes as the first time the White House had ever acknowledged the importance of codes and standards to the country.
The civic body has already tasked reputed structure, design experts and firms to carry out survey of the high rise buildings in the federal capital aiming to revisit the building code keeping in view the recent earthquake.
The stronger building codes will ensure that residential and commercial buildings are built to withstand greater hurricane force wind and impact from flying debris.
While some are so focused on pushing forward with changes to increase the height of wood buildings in the building code, the real focus should be on whether current safety provisions for four-storey wood buildings are in fact sufficient," said McSweeney.
The purpose of the IIBHS report was to see what progress coastal states have made toward enacting and enforcing building codes.
Historically, says the report, roofing-related building codes have been primarily concerned with fire resistance and the structural loading of snow, wind and drainage, while the impact of hail resistance is not much of a concern.
DAVAO CITY -- A Japanese aid agency is reviving a call it made to the Philippine government for a review of the Philippines' national building code in the wake of the 7.
This comprehensive set of building codes should also tackle the maintenance and retro-fitting of the old buildings and ensure that they are energy-efficient and sustainable.
Although the federal government has no official role in building codes or code enforcement, the increasing number of natural disasters and the ensuing need for federal aid has become a recurring issue on Capitol Hill.
All speakers emphasised the importance of implementing building codes for ensuring safe construction and reducing the after effects of natural disasters.

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